Smoking Facts

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Smoking Facts – What’s the Deal with Smoking?

quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Many people try to quit smoking 7 times before they succeed. Most people turn to using products like a MIGHTY vaporizer instead of smoking.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Smoking is an addiction from the chemical Nicotine which is a cancer-causing addictive drug.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Cigarettes are considered “Nicotine Delivery” products by most Tobacco companies. That’s what cigarettes were called in secret research papers presented to a US Congressional investigation on Tobacco.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Cigarette companies fill each regular cigarette with over TWENTY TIMES the Nicotine needed to keep you addicted.

Pack a Day Cigarette Smokers Spend Over $1,500.00 a Year on “Cheap” Cigarettes.

quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Smoking related diseases unfortunately include heart disease.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Second-Hand smoke accounts for 300,000 (approximately) cases of bronchitis and pneumonia in children under 18 months each year.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Children of smokers are 2x more likely to smoke later in adult life.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – More USA Men (23.4%) smoke than Women (18.5%).
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – There are approximately 44.5 million smokers in the U.S. or 20.9% of Americans.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Exercising through things like Denver Tennis Lessons have been shown to help you quit smoking because aerobic exercise helps reduce the urge to smoke.
quit-cigarette-flame-icon20 Fact – Smoking cigarettes declined 40% from 1965 to 1990 however since 1990 it has remained the same. A lot of people are now vaping instead of smoking though. Or some are vaping to help them stop smoking. If you are in a similar boat then you might want to check out something like these best vapor pens. Vaping has been know to help people quit smoking, and it is certainly healthier then smoking as well.